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Surrounded by a 50 m. clift: that ensures great protection from the occasionally fierce local winds, such as Sirocco (S.E. wind, in Greek "Evros"), a fenced area of 50.000m2 with 600 dry-dock spaces, provides the perfect shelter for your boat. Three travel hoists [20T., 5OT. (ASCOM S.p.a.) and 160T. (CIMOLAI S.p.a.)] and a reticular crane (125T.) operated in 3 lifting docks of the following dimensions: i) 14m. width x 25m. length, ii) 12m. width x 35m. length, iii) 6m. width x 20m. length, allow us to fulfill all our prospects for accomplishing the latest technology and safety specs. A wide range of services and facilities is offered, in order to accomplish the best result for your boat.

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