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Throughout the marinas history, there has been an effort to conserve and improve the immediate environment.

The construction of the marira is based on a government approved environmental study, which enhansed the locality.


In the eastern part of the marina grounds is a privately-owned rocky hill where we have planted over six thousand trees, creating a new park of carob , olive , mastic , almond , lemon , guava and other native trees and bushes. The area is also full of wild plants such as ironwort, sage, mint, oregano, asparagus and calicotome bushes, and is a habitat for partridges, wild rabbits and all sorts of migratory birds.

In the day to day operations, the Marina follows a strict policy for the collection and management of the waste. The hazardous and non hazardous waste, is gathered at special containers and handed to specialised recycling companies, contracted with the Marina.

Futrhermore, Leros Marina, holds one of the fifteen certified Oil Spill Response Contingency Plans in Greece, which gives the ability to react fast and eficiently to any kind of marine polution and undertake anti pollution procedures, not only inside the premises of the Marina, but allover Greece.

Finally, for the facts mentioned above and for many other facts that refer to the general way of the Marinas' operation, Leros Marina has been continuously awarded with the prestigious "Blue Flag", the most recognised award for the environmental protection.

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