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Leros Marina, proudly holds one of the fifteen certified Oil Spill Response Contingency Plans in Greece, including the public organisations.

Leros Marina has the equipment and ability to react fast and eficiently to any kind of marine polution and undertake anti pollution procedures, not only inside the premises of the Marina, but allover Greece.

An important part of the  Oil Spill Response Contingency Plan, is the practice that takes place every year with the assistance and guiedance of Metopi-Environmental Protection Consultants, whereby, the anti- pollution team of Leros Marina, keeps evolving its knowledge to new systems and techniques.

The above practice, has come to use with two incidents that took place in Leros and in which, Leros Marina Anti-pollution Team, reacted rapidly and succesfully.

For more information about the annual practice, press HERE
For more information about the actual incidents, press HERE

For anti-pollution services please contact us at m.iatrou@lerosmarina.gr , or by Telephone at :
+30 22470 24733, 26600, 26601

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